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When Someone Dies

What to do when someone dies

In bereavement, it is the role of the funeral director to advise and support families at what is often a time of confusion and distress.

Never be afraid that it is too soon to contact us. We are there to guide and help you, and to make us your first call is often the best way.

We have experienced funeral directors on call at all times, day and night to answer the telephone personally.

Today, the legal procedures surrounding death certification and the work of Coroners’ offices can be complicated and take several days to resolve before firm funeral arrangements can be put in place.

For this reason, it is important that those upon whom the responsibility of making funeral arrangements falls, should make early contact with us.

Our experienced team can give the helpful advice you need to put your minds at ease, and to ensure that the family are aware of everything that needs to be done.  We will deal with any questions and when you're ready, we will begin making the necessary funeral arrangements as required.

We run a 24 hour service on every day of the week, so that we're there when you need us most.